Now that we near the end of the year, here are some last minute tax tips.


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1. If you are giving securities away, endorse them over to the donee.  On year-end gifts, companies may not be able to retitle the certificates in the donee’s name by December 31st.

2. If you’re making a gift by check, be sure the donee deposits it in 2010 if you want the money to be included as a 2010 gift for gift tax purposes.

Otherwise, give a certified check to the recipient this year.  That will count as a 2010 gift, even if the donee does not deposit the check into his or her account until next year.


1.  Mail checks for deductible items before year-end to make sure of a 2010 write-off. You get to claim the deduction this year even if the checks don’t clear until January.

2.  If you are charging deductible items, make sure you know these rules:

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Charges that you make with a retail store credit-card are only allowed as a deduction in the year you pay the bill.

Charges that you make with a bank credit card are allowed as a deduction in the year you charge the items, even if you pay the bill next year.

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