I came across this article on Federal Tax Levies that may be of some use when unfortunately due to the economic times, more and more people are in this predicament.  I have not used their services nor do I take any professional responsibility. Howard

The author of a blog submission I came across about an IRS challenge seemed to be a woman. She writes:

“I used to owe the IRS about 25,000 dollars, that’s with fees and penalties and with no hope of getting the bill down.”

This gal should think about that we have a right to sustain our lives by our labors and the government can’t tax rights; or our very right to exist. Most of the community doesn’t know this though, including IRS personnel. She continued:

“First we tried monthly payments and that did not work out. Then the IRS levied our pay check from work leaving us with 400 dollars to live on.”

This could have never happened if this woman had known about my IRS Terminator package. She could have studied up on how to request and succeed at a CDP Hearing (Collection Due Process Hearing), implemented what she learned, and all tax collection action would have come to a standstill; including the garnishment of her wages. The writer continued:

“At that time we had seen an ad in the paper for Harrison Grave that will help people get rid of the IRS problems. We went to see them, not knowing that this was not even their official office but a temporary leased office. They told us it would cost total of 2,000 dollars to help us. We were so scared and had no idea what to do, so we accepted and began making payments to them to help us talk to the IRS.”

In Houston, Texas on July 12, 2005, Steven T. Miller, Commissioner TE/GE gave a speech to IRS Tax Forums saying the following:

“I want to salute our partners who have been such a big help at these forums. I want to thank, in alphabetical order, the American Bar Association, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the National Association of Enrolled Agents, the National Association of Tax Professionals, the National Society of Accountants, and the National Society of Tax Professionals.”

Mr. Miller told the CPAs and other tax professionals in attendance that he wanted to be of assistance to them  and that the help he was was assuring them of would take the shape of continuing to upgrade the IRS’s electronic and information services, updating the Service’s computers, and energetically enforcing the law against the dishonest few who are a threat the integrity of their/our industry.

This looks like compelling evidence that orgainizations like Harrison Grave are really the IRS’s collaborators in collecting taxes. Maybe this is why no actions were taken by them to bring to a halt the levy. The writer continued:

“We submitted the information they needed to began the process and after nine month and still did not hear anything from the Harrison and Grave people we called them asking for an update on what was going on. Needless to say they gave us the run around. I even drove to their office in NC to see them and still no results. They took our 2,000 and did nothing for us. When I called them at that time and told them the IRS is Levy our pay check they said “We have a special team working on your case to stop the Levy’s.” That was all a lie. The IRS levied our second pay check… I knew Harrison Grave was a joke…”

Sad stories such as this are why folks in a position of having outstanding taxes, unfiled returns, or returns filed under what is considered by the mainstream as  an unusual theories of law such as a Cracking the Code return should prepare by preparing in advance how deal with a notice of levy.

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