Planning for Financial Independence!

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Planning for Financial Independence Money has no value unless you’ve got the time and good health to enjoy it. In fact, if you have to be poor, would you rather be poor now or at retirement? By planning carefully and investing wisely, you shouldn’t have to make this choice. I believe that you ought to […]

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The IRS is keeping records–are you?

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Save More Taxes’  Tax and Financial Record keeping Rules of Thumb All of this conversation about IRS correspondence (and the fact that it is that spring-cleaning time of year!) is a good reminder to consider how long you should be keeping your records. Even in the days of cloud-document storage, it’s important to have hard […]

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What To Do When The Taxes Are Done!

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It’s a familiar feeling. Relief. Exhilaration (or frustration at having to pay *more* taxes!). Gratitude for a job well done by your preparer. But that doesn’t mean you may not still have questions. Here are some common ones we get this week… 1. “When will I get my refund?” Well, the IRS does seem to […]

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Five Reasons To Give, No Matter The Tax Rates

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When we advise about or help set up GRATs, as with other tax-saving mechanisms for clients to deliver their philanthropy and giving (outside of normal tax deductions), there’s much discussion about the benefits of the gift for the recipient. But what about for the giver? This doesn’t quite work, when the “giver” is an estate […]

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Keeping Your Family’s Heads Up

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  When a close friend or family member loses their home, or their job (or both), it can be frightening on several levels. You begin to wonder if the same could happen to you. And, as you’re probably aware, this fear of economic uncertainty causes anxiety in many children, too. While it is impossible to […]

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