A Quick look at the new tax changes. What does that mean to you!

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Here are the major tax highlights:    • Bush-era income tax rates (10%, 15, 25, 28, 33 and 35% for each income bracket) will be the “permanent” law of the land (whatever permanent means to Congress!) for single filers making less than $400K and married’s filing jointly making less than $450K.    • Capital gains and […]

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2009 Year End Tax Tips- Medical Expenses

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Image via Wikipedia Medical Expenses Typically, you may not qualify for medical deductions on your tax return.  Reason:   You’re entitled to a deduction only to the extent your unreimbursed medical and dental expenses for the year exceed 7.5% of your AGI. Year-end strategy: If you are near the 7.5% mark—or already over it—schedule nonemergency medical […]

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