Why You Need An Estate Plan NOW!

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“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” -Harold Geneen Most of us spend a considerable amount of time and energy in our lives working for our families and accumulating wealth. But unless you’re careful, all of it will be going to waste. That’s why a well-crafted estate plan […]

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Estate Planning “Lessons” from Tony Soprano

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It seems that Mr. Gandolfini’s will is a disaster. The New York Daily News reviewed it, and found it to be a nightmare, at least from a tax standpoint. Apparently, the 51 year-old actor left 80 percent of his $70+ million estate to his sisters and his 9-month-old daughter — which, as result, means that […]

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Two Common Estate Plan Myths- Busted

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As of this writing, it’s a fact that almost 60% of Americans don’t have a basic will, and that’s a big problem. One of the big reasons that most families don’t yet have this kind of plan in place is because of some incorrect thinking about whether it’s right for them, or if it’s even […]

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