An urgent message for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs earning $75,000 to $1 million in salary …

“Tax Secrets of the Wealthy:
How to Pay Yourself More
— by Paying the IRS Less”

It’s true.

Every dollar you don’t pay to the IRS in taxes is a dollar you don’t have to earn again.

And you can put more dollars back into your pocket — where they belong — with perfectly legal ways to reduce or safely avoid taxes.

After all, it’s your money, not the government’s.

You earned it. You deserve to keep more of it.

All those late nights and missed dinners with your family ought to count for something, right?

But the IRS has other plans for you …

Because, thanks to the new health care law, the IRS is hiring up to 16,500 more auditors and agents to investigate and collect billions in new taxes from Americans.

And guess who the IRS has in their sights?

You, if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur working for yourself.

But help is here — in this Free Special Report …

“How to Double Your Deductions
And Slash Your Taxes to the Bone”

Hello, I’m Howard Kaufman.

For 37 years, I’ve helped business owners and entrepreneurs pay the lowest taxes possible, reduce their chances of an IRS audit, and pay themselves the highest possible salaries.

And, as a way to reach a wider audience across America, I’ve just released the 2013 edition of my Free Special Report that shows you:

  • The tax mistake that can rob you of more salary than anything else (because the most important day on the tax calendar is NOT April 15). See pages 19-22
  • How to turn non-deductible commuting mileage into a business expense — and the IRS can’t stop you (read this story of the $3,469 deduction you’re probably missing on page 8)
  • The new law that just created a tax loophole big enough to drive a milk truck through (pages 17-19)
  • An easy way to deduct expenses and throw away your receipts — if you hate paperwork, you’ll love this! It’s explained on pages 11-12
  • How to safely deduct your next vacation (get the numbers wrong and you could “red flag” yourself for an IRS audit). See pages 15-16
  • And much more

There are 5 “tax tidbits” in this report that could be worth $3,018 to you — or more — in the form of lower taxes paid to the IRS. Which can easily mean higher salary paid to you.

Even if tax season is months away, you could be losing money and exposing yourself to an audit if you’re doing things wrong TODAY.

But my Special Report can help you avoid all that — and start taking home the paycheck you deserve.

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