The Big Lie Told To College Grads (And Others)!

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“In every phenomenon the beginning remains always the most notable moment.” – Thomas Carlyle   Like me, you’ve probably heard: “Do what you love, and the money will follow!” Hogwash. Personally, I love lying on the beach, but unless I start looking like a supermodel, there’s not much chance of my getting paid for it. […]

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Raising Financially-Smart Adolescents

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“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” – Brian Tracy   I’ll spare you the stories, but needless to say: I’ve seen so many otherwise-loving and wise parents somehow forget to ready their children for the financial realities of adult life. Instead, they simply hand them credit cards, pack up their cars and head […]

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12 Markers Of Real World Financial Prosperity!

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Maybe it’s true that having $1m+ isn’t as impressive as it used to be these days. But it’s still a measure that we continue to use as a marker of financial “arriving”.   What’s further interesting is that even in the midst of the “Great Recession” and its ongoing recovery, the numbers of people who […]

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Calm Finances During A Storm!

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It’s my firm belief that how you choose to think about your circumstances has a subtle, yet profound, impact on how you handle storms. I’ve written often on this subject, so I won’t belabor it again.   Instead, this week, I thought I’d give you a short rundown on specific, financial steps to put in […]

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“May I Introduce You To Mr. Roth?”

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“May I Introduce You To Mr. Roth?” Congress officially sanctioned Mr. Roth to assist savers way back in 1997. He was named after a real Mr. Roth, Senator Bill Roth, a Republican from Delaware. Since then, thousands of savers have taken advantage of his many talents in supporting their goals.   The first thing to […]

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A Nation of Tax Cheats!

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Despite what certain voices would claim over the internets, the truth is that we don’t have the choice to “not file” or “not pay” what the tax laws say we owe. That’s why the IRS audits returns and has all sorts of mechanisms (liens, refund offsets) to encourage us to file by each April 15, […]

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