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Illinois Income Tax Preparation and Planning Services

By using perfectly legal ways to lower your taxes, postpone your taxes, and even avoid taxes altogether every dollar that you save in taxes is a dollar that you do not have to earn again. In other words “Free Cash” for You. That’s what you get with the right income tax preparation and planning services.

-Ravin D. Ray President, DuKane Properties, LLC
“Dear Howard, For the last twenty-seven years, it has been my pleasure working with you as I could always count on you to constantly be looking for ways to minimize my taxes. You have always been available to discuss investment ideas prior to my making any moves, and, so many times, you have saved me thousands of tax dollars. Your help has been invaluable to both me and my company in the past and the present… I am looking forward to another 27 years of working with you.”
 I love finding “Free Cash” for my clients, cash that they would have otherwise paid to the IRS. In fact, I spend countless hours every year (for the last 35 years) studying and taking classes just so that I can keep your hard earned cash in your bank account instead of sending it to the IRS.

This is the most rewarding part of my job. Seeing my clients keep more cash in their bank accounts so that they can buy a new home, pay for the best education for their children, build their retirement fund, or perhaps enjoy a well deserved vacation that is just a little bit more luxurious.

It gets even better.

In addition to having a tax expert search for cash on your behalf, all of your tax headaches… the tedious paperwork… the complex tax rules… the late nights worrying if you “did your taxes right”… and wondering if you paid too much tax… Can Just Disappear.

I will diligently uncover every possible way to save you as much taxes as legally possible. So on April15th you can sleep soundly with the knowledge that a dedicated, seasoned professional who knows the tax code inside and out has prepared your tax return with the greatest care.

-Donald A Harbecke Trailside Electric, Inc.
“Howard is constantly giving me suggestions that save me thousands in taxes each year. Howard Kaufman has been my accountant for the past 20 years. I met Howard at a trade organization. Through this association, I came to know and trust Howard. He has assisted me with my individual and business accounting; everything from payroll, accounts payable, financial statements and tax returns to long range planning. The trait I admire most about Howard is his honesty. I feel that he truly watches out for the well-being of his clients.

Howard is constantly giving me suggestions that save me thousands in taxes each year. With all my business experience, no one has ever gone that extra step.”

 This is especially important if you are a Small Business Owner, Self-Employed Individual or Have Significant Investments. The tax laws and the legal loopholes are especially complex for you and the cost to your bank account when you miss one of the many tax saving strategies is even larger.

But your opportunity to legally save or postpone more taxes is even greater for those who know how to put the tax law to work for them.

Because I enjoy finding “Free Cash” so much, I am going to offer you something extremely valuable. Something that I only make available to a few selected people who are truly interested in finding “Free Cash”. This will cost the fortunate Individuals who act quickly absolutely nothing.

Your Free Tax Consultation (this service is $200) where I will review your last years return to hunt for “Free Cash”. If we find some, we can file an amended return and like magic you may have “Free Cash”. You have nothing to lose except the opportunity to find “Free Cash” that you never knew you had.

Please note that I only accept a few complimentary consultations every week and during tax season I accept even less, so call now to reserve your time.

Call 847-243-3600 or Contact me by Email.

For those of your who would like to Discover How to Legally Create “Free Cash” or were not able to take advantage of my free consultation because my schedule was full, here is a complimentary tax saving report “How to Double Your Deductions and Slash Your Taxes to The Bone” in this report you will learn:

  • How to deduct your next vacation
  • How to let the IRS pay for your kid’s summer camp
  • How to throw away your receipts (and still take a deduction)
  • How to deduct commuting mileage
  • How to use the new law that turned a small business tax loophole into a crater!
  • How to avoid the biggest small business tax mistake you can ever make

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