Paying taxes is required for both citizens and...

Paying taxes is required for both citizens and non-citizens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By now, it’s past the time when organizations are supposed to have mailed all of their 1099’s and W-2‘s (which was last Thursday, the 31st). Unfortunately, the consequences for not getting these forms out on time don’t often carry much teeth for employers. Further, sometimes HR departments or very small businesses don’t get their act together (probably because someone competent isn’t helping them! –ahem–), and … the W-2’s take a while.

(Here’s a link to concise information about what happens on the business owner side of things: )

If you haven’t gotten your W-2 on time, here are some basic steps for you (you might want to print out or copy this):

1) Contact your payroll department/boss. Be nice about it — after all, they’re just as burdened by the paperwork junk as you are!

2) If, however, the days roll by and the form is indeed lost or your employer is inordinately slow in issuing a replacement, or you worked for a company that went out of business and there’s no one to bug about getting a W-2 … what then?

“Make” your own!
Well, actually, you contact the IRS at this number: (800) 829-1040 with the following info from your last paystub handy:
   • Year’s wages.
   • Payroll taxes withheld.
   • Federal and state income taxes withheld.
   • Contributions to your company retirement/401(k) plan.
   • Employer‘s tax identification number.

Wait on hold, and ask for Form 4852. Basically, this will inform your employer “officially” that they’re delinquent, and you can even use this form in a pinch, if your employer never gets their act together.

If you need help with this, let us know.  For a free consultation to go over your tax situation, give us a call and talk to a professional who has been going this for over 38 years. Our phone number is 847-243-3600.

In the meantime:

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