It has been several weeks since you filed your return and you have not received your refund. What should you do? Here are some  steps you can take.

Your Refund Status: Make sure you have a copy of your tax return on hand or know your “filing status“, SSN and the exact dollar amount of the anticipated refund.
* Online: Go to and click on “Where’s My Refund”. (,,id=96596,00.html?portlet=4)
* Automated Phone: Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for automated refund information.
* In-Person Phone: Call during the hours shown in your IRS form instructions.

“Do I need to keep a copy of my return?”
Yes, for a *minimum* of three years. There’s all kinds of contexts where it’s useful. We do keep one on file, on your behalf, but it’s just smart and safe for you to keep one in a secure place at home. (I’ll soon have a Note about Amended Returns, and you will need a copy for that process, as well.)

As for the supporting documents from your return, anything that relates to a home purchase or sale, stock transactions, retirement, business or rental property, should be kept much longer than the three years.

We will have more ideas for you to consider so that this year you will save more taxes.  Watch our blog for upcoming postings. Any questions, send us a note.