A Nation of Tax Cheats!

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Despite what certain voices would claim over the internets, the truth is that we don’t have the choice to “not file” or “not pay” what the tax laws say we owe. That’s why the IRS audits returns and has all sorts of mechanisms (liens, refund offsets) to encourage us to file by each April 15, […]

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Getting a Late Start? Here’s What To Do…

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Knowing how much you should save for retirement is critical. But what if you are late getting started? The longer you delay, the shorter the time that compound interest can do its magic on your savings.   We typically recommend that you save 15% of your take-home pay each year. Money in the bank isn’t […]

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Estate Planning “Lessons” from Tony Soprano

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It seems that Mr. Gandolfini’s will is a disaster. The New York Daily News reviewed it, and found it to be a nightmare, at least from a tax standpoint. Apparently, the 51 year-old actor left 80 percent of his $70+ million estate to his sisters and his 9-month-old daughter — which, as result, means that […]

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2013 Mid Year Tax Moves

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2013 Mid-Year Tax Moves You know how good coaches are usually famous for making adjustments during the halftime of big games? Well, here I am — acting as your financial coach in matters tax-related, and we’ve just about hit halftime for 2013.  We now have six months of financial info to use for some quick […]

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Planning for Financial Independence!

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Planning for Financial Independence Money has no value unless you’ve got the time and good health to enjoy it. In fact, if you have to be poor, would you rather be poor now or at retirement? By planning carefully and investing wisely, you shouldn’t have to make this choice. I believe that you ought to […]

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