10 most Tax Friendly states for Retirees !

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    Here are 10 states that impose some of the lowest taxes on retirees in the United States, according to Kiplinger’s  Personal Finance analysis of state tax rules. In each of these states, social security benefits are exempted from taxation (and some impose no state income tax at all). Even military and private pensions […]

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Common Sense Social Media Privacy

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Recently, many people on Facebook were posting their own little “legal notice” to their Facebook accounts, as if it would have any kind of impact on the legal status of what they put there. Here’s the truth: https://www.snopes.com/computer/facebook/privacy.asp The best “privacy policy” I know of? If you don’t want someone to see it, don’t post […]

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Five Reasons To Give, No Matter The Tax Rates

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When we advise about or help set up GRATs, as with other tax-saving mechanisms for clients to deliver their philanthropy and giving (outside of normal tax deductions), there’s much discussion about the benefits of the gift for the recipient. But what about for the giver? This doesn’t quite work, when the “giver” is an estate […]

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A Holiday Financial House Cleaning!

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If you’re like most people, I bet that when you get your homeowner’s insurance renewal notice, you quickly glance at the price — and renew it.  You renew it simply because you don’t have the time to search around for better prices. In my experience, working with family finances for YEARS, I’ve learned that most […]

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