Beginning Of Year End Strategies!

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Consider postponing your charitable giving until January 2013. This will increase your taxable income this year while your rates are low and decrease your taxable income next year when the rates are higher. And whichever year you do your charitable giving, gift appreciated stock whenever possible.     But please do give! And we are […]

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Three “Must-Do’s” For Responsible Parents

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Many people think that because the “estate tax” threshold has been raised as high as it has, that estate planning is no longer very necessary. Well, this issue is so much bigger than how much money Uncle Sam gets to take from an estate. You see, when I think about what frightens parents most, seeing […]

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Keeping Your Family’s Heads Up

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  When a close friend or family member loses their home, or their job (or both), it can be frightening on several levels. You begin to wonder if the same could happen to you. And, as you’re probably aware, this fear of economic uncertainty causes anxiety in many children, too. While it is impossible to […]

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